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Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal

Comprising 4 members, Brandon John (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Daron Phua (Bass/Backing Vocals), Raimy (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Ezekiel Rodriguez (Drums), Dezaster is a heavy metal band from Singapore that dwells within Speed Metal and Thrash Metal. Formed in mid 2014, the band concentrates heavily on their own material and has been gradually gaining a steady following. We are currently in the process of releasing our debut album, LP.

How did you guys get together?

The passion and the need to make a statement in the local music scene was really the driving force for the 4 of us to play together. All of us are really buds with so much common goals and taste in music. I met up with Daron after a show we both played on the same night but with different bands and we decided to form a new band to play this particular genre, so hey! Meeting Raimy who is such a great talent on guitar to me was and could be fate. We were both from the same school and spotting somebody else in a Megadeth ‘So Far So Good So What’ T-Shirt was rare. We kept in touch and eventually told him that we needed him. The way his mind works, we knew he would fit right in perfectly without a doubt. Ezekiel was pretty much the same way. We first met him at the Studio and he dug the songs and style. We knew Eze was a solid drummer as he also plays in a well-respected band, Revel. He was into the classic metal style just like us too and we really want to bring back that classic sound that so many of us love. All four of us playing together feels so comfortable and family orientated which is very important to us.

What inspires you to create the songs that you do?

Music wise, it really is the passion. We all love playing our individual instruments so we would always push our boundaries. To name influences would definitely be Megadeth and Iron Maiden in particular. We would want to try to “Wow” audiences with complexed/finger dancing riffs, lots of guitar solos, solid hard hitting drum beats and bass lines. Lyrically would always be of all current affairs. We will never have a song that is written about made up fairy tales or to put people down. Our songs are mainly about really cool history, having the will power to stand up for yourself and to not let anyone put you down. You are you and there can only be one of you.

What do you hope for the audience to imagine or feel when they listen to your songs?

We hope to draw in the audience with our lyrics statement and music structure style. To make the audience go “Wow how they did that” or like “Those lyrics are so true”. Overall we would really want to “Wow” the audience.

Why do you think fellow Singaporeans can relate to your music?

Singaporean music fans may relate to us in terms of musicianship and our songs being based on common agendas of life, politics and general matters.

You've been on a journey with anaki. How have the last 6 months made you feel?

It’s been great and they’ve made us feel appreciated. Going out of their way to support local bands, giving bands the opportunity to play cool venues and of course organising a music festival that is not subdued to a particular genre is real ballsy. Respect!

What are your hopes for Singapore circa 2050?

That music of all kinds will be treated and appreciated equally. It’s just music. Also we hop for more Singaporean music to be recognised globally. So many local musicians have put in time and effort into the music they write and they should be given the appreciation that they deserve.