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Alternative / Progressive Rock

Dulcinea consists of Gerard Richards – Vocals, Mathew Thomas – Guitars, Paul Yong – Guitars, Jason Ng – Bass, Shahril Ossuary - Drums. Formed in 2007 and after releasing 2 albums "The Politics of Fear “ and 2010's "In The Shadow of the Sun", the band returned in 2014 with the EP "Cosmic Renaissance".

How did you guys get together?

The band was formed by Matthew Thomas and Jason Ng after playing in different bands together since 2002. The rest of the band fell into place over the years.

What inspires you to create the songs that you do?

With Dulcinea, the goal has always been about communicating through music. Each of us have different tastes but we meet somewhere in the middle. Visual art, filmmakers, books and obviously other music are huge inspirations. For our recent EP, Cosmic Renaissance, we were inspired by how sometimes a breakdown can be the beginning of a kind of breakthrough, and overcoming traumatic moments can lead to positive self-realisation.

What do you hope for the audience to imagine or feel when they listen to your songs?

We hope they enjoy what they hear. If our music makes them imagine anything at all, it’s awesome. Whether it’s imagining or relating to a specific emotional experience or a cheeseburger, it’s all welcome.

Why do you think fellow Singaporeans can relate to your music?

Music is a beautiful thing that can unite everyone. We do what we do from an honest place, so we hope it reaches an audience that identifies with that.

What do you want your audience to take out after watching you perform live?

A feeling that something was communicated.

What are your hopes for Singapore circa 2050?

Continue to recognise music as an important art form and support the various individuals and organisations in their efforts to share their work with the masses.