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Live-O Five-O



Chaotic Hardcore / Mathcore / Noise

Glassmouth is - Roach on the vocals, Hakim on the drums, Ryan on the bass, Ryo on the guitar and Clement on the other guitar. We love playing live and we love throwing on the craziest stage presence.

How did you guys get together?

Clement started this project with temporary members and added Roach to the roster. Hakim and Ryan are then introduced to us through mutual friends and Ryo found our ad for a guitarist on forums.

What inspires you to create the songs that you do?

Mostly failures and the need to channel various emotions. Music is also a hobby and playing live is what we love about music the most. The songs we do are all about channeling our emotions and energy.

What do you hope for the audience to imagine or feel when they listen to your songs?

We don’t expect the audience to put themselves in our shoes or to feel the emotions we put through. As long as they like what they hear, move to the beat and channel their excess energy into enjoying music the way it is, that is enough for us.

What do you want your audience to take out after watching you perform live?

We want to put on a performance that will display large amounts of crazy energy, the way bands used to do so 10 years ago. Heavy bands nowadays just stand and play and focus on their roles. We want the crowd to watch 5 guys thrashing and going nuts on stage and hopefully they will want to join in too. We hope to bring back that energy once felt throughout the metalcore and hardcore scene.

You've been on a journey with anaki. How have the last 6 months made you feel?

The music scene in Singapore is very separated and defined. Anaki cuts through this line and says “Hey, here’s a huge event, all are welcomed”. I’m glad anaki gives all bands an equal chance.

What are your hopes for Singapore circa 2050?

We hope that everything would settle down and peace and love would begin to develop, not just in Singapore but in the whole world.