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Queensbury is made of up of 5 members with Razmi on Vocals, Nasrul on Lead Guitar, Sufi on Rhythm Guitar, Helmy on Bass Guitar and Saiful on Drums. 

How did you guys get together?

The original band was formed during our Secondary school period which was roughly 10 years ago. It consisted of Helmy, Saiful and Razmi. Most of the time doing covers. Over the years our band members keeps on changing, some went overseas, while the others just couldn't commit. However the three of us were still determined to create music for people to enjoy. We then had the opportunity to start jamming with our two new guitarists, Nasrul and Sufi. Meeting Sufi during ITE and Nasrul during our National Service. Coincidentally, all of us were serving as a Police officer during our NS which was a great benefit for us as we saw the country as it is. From then on we started to bond and came up with sick ideas for new songs.

What inspires you to create the songs that you do?

For us, we believe in freedom of speech, more importantly the freedom of every individual to express who they are. Not forcing oneself to be accepted by how society wants them to be. Through our songs, we are reaching to everyone that they do not have to follow the "accepted" trend that is going on. Not only on appearance but also on behaviours, attitudes, hobbies, personalities and so on. Through songs, people can understand as they are part of everyday life. But it’s not only about that issue itself. We get inspired by people around us. Our families, friends, colleagues on their experiences and life journey. And we too are wowed by how, many of our favourite bands are able to reach out and make the fans feel and get into their songs like it's part of them. All five of us listen to different kinds of genres. Through these different backgrounds, we incorporate our ideas to create the songs we have and many more songs to come. What we want to achieve is not fame nor money, but for us to reach out to many out there.   

What do you hope for the audience to imagine or feel when they listen to your songs?

We would definitely want our audience to enjoy listening to it. Feel it in their body, making them move to it. Feel it in their hearts, touching their souls. We would want to convey our feelings and opinions in the society and how the current situation is in the world we are living now. Not necessarily in Singapore, but generally on how people think and do in different situations. We would like to inspire them to be who they are, not afraid of criticisms and judgements given to them. To take each day as a learning process.

Why do you think fellow Singaporeans can relate to your music?

All of us have different mindsets and beliefs. However through our music, we are always looking at the bigger picture instead of biases. We feel that many can relate to our songs in a way that sometimes we feel trapped, or restricted to say or do something. When most of it is being controlled, all we want to have more space for us to express or easier said, to be heard and acknowledged. However, our songs are not made to hate, however to come to a realisation that we are living this life of ours, we should make good of the opportunity given to us.

You've been on a journey with anaki. How have the last 6 months made you feel?

Anaki has opened up a wider platform for acts with different voices. Anaki welcomes any performer to take on the stage, bringing their own unique elements to the shows for the world to see. The best part is that Anaki does not judge based on their own opinions, Anaki showcases all bands to a wider community, giving musicians the opportunity to perform with other local bands, getting exposure and also appreciating performers who bring their unique sounds and skills.

What are your hopes for Singapore circa 2050?

We hope that it can be a more creative and open society. We hope to see Singapore giving more opportunities for local artists in Singapore and more exposure overseas. And also to make the art sector more recognised and to make it as a sustainable career in Singapore.