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Live-O Five-O



Rock / Pop Pock / Alternative Rock

Comprising 4 members with Slick on guitar solo, Zarr on vocals & rhythm guitar, Mali on drums, Hari on keyboards/bass.

How did you guys get together?

Slick answered to Zarr’s ad on guitarist search and Mali was introduced later by Slick as they were good friends since young. Zarr has other sessionists playing for her before Mali came back about a year ago. Hari joined last two years while he was finishing his studies at NUS where Zarr is working at.

What inspires you to create the songs that you do?

Based on life situations, human angst and experience. Stories that the human race can relate on an emotional level.

What do you hope for the audience to imagine or feel when they listen to your songs?

They can feel uplifted after listening to ‘MOODY’ because of its groove beat or melancholic when they listen to ‘SOMETIMES’ for its melodious sad tunes.

Why do you think fellow Singaporeans can relate to your music?

Not just Singaporeans but it can be related on a global scale because our music is very radio friendly and meant for listeners of all races or age group.

What are your hopes for Singapore circa 2050?

That local music is accepted fully by Singaporeans and local artistes get their songs known on a wide scale. Music brings happiness and world peace too, as much as sports like the Sea Games.