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From Prep to Performance

Designed to equip you with the fundamentals of mastering your instrument and giving a live performance, the course will take you through 4 stages – the prep phase for the basics, the progress phase to enhance your music vocab, the performance phase where your repertoire is fine-tuned and finally, your live performance.


Guitar Course

PREP: Basic Theory, Notation Reading, Diatonic Chords, Plucking & Strumming Patterns, Scales

PROGRESS: Extended Chords, Transposition & Modulation,
Chords Reharmonisation, Lead and Rhythm Improvisation, Music Accompaniment, Chord Melody, Finger Picking & Flat Picking Concepts

PERFORMANCE: Fine-tune of Repertoire, Stage Tricks &
Performance Prep


Bass Course

PREP: Basic Theory, Finger Techniques, 12th Bar Blues, 8th Note Rock, Scales & Variations

PROGRESS: Shuffle, Chops, Modal Bass Lines, Phrasing and Feel, Syncopated Bass Lines, Bass Line Improvisation, Rhythmic Embellishments

PERFORMANCE: Fine-tune of Repertoire, Stage Tricks &
Performance Prep


Drum Course

PREP: Grip & Strokes, Notation Reading, Counting & Subdivision,
8th Note Beat Patterns, Basic Rudiments, Common Rhythm Patterns & Figures

PROGRESS: 16th Note Beats & Common Figures, Application to
Fill-ins, Syncopation & Ghost Notes, Genre-Subdivision Correlation

PERFORMANCE: Rhythm Section Relationship, Cool Drum Endings & Performance Prep

Course Duration: Approx. 12 weeks
Course Fee: $55/lesson or $600/12 lessons
Registration Fee: $25
To sign up, please call 6534 8016 or email