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Cesspit is a 6 piece local ska band that writes and produces their own brand of songs, some of which became crowd favourites - Punkrock Gangster, Wake Up and Minah. Formed in 1995, Cesspit started as an Oi! band and played ska with the introduction of a horn section.

Tell us a bit about yourselves, your journey and and your music.

We are a six piece band consisting of the conventional drum, bass, guitar and vocals mixed with the not so conventional trumpet, trombone and saxophone, dishing out melodious catchy originals filled with blasting horn lines, groovy bass, catchy beats, rhythmic guitars and rad vocals! The current line up still comprises 3 of our early members, Shahrul, Asman and Shah. Over the years of friendship in gigs, Zayed, Karem and Zan joined us to form the Cesspit it is today.

You guys have been around for more than 2 decades. Can you let us in on the secret of staying together?

The bonding, friendship and transparency is what ultimately keeps us all together. Our friendship is not just confined to the studio and gigs, we do regular BBQ gatherings and hanging out at our studio to keep our ties strong. A good sound comes from happy connected people!

You guys have such different personalities. Does that add or subtract to the band vibes?

Different is good! As a diverse group of friends, we each have different tastes in music, lifestyles and image. Fusing all these differences into one is what makes Cesspit the band we are, embracing the differences and allowing everyone to shine while still contributing to the overall sound and image of Cesspit.

Tell us more about this overall sound.

Our musical influences vary individually that collectively gives us the Cesspit sound. It ranges from the pop of Michael Buble, Lady Gaga, the jazz of Coltrane and Miles Davis to the punk rocks of Operation Ivy and Rancid. However, we all agree that Skalariak is a great inspiration for music, Reel Big Fish and Save Ferries are fantastic horn line melody makers and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is just overall beasts!

What do you hope for the audience to imagine or feel when they listen to your songs?

We would like the audience to get their feet moving, bodies shaking and have a good time with us sharing the love for music.

What’s your favourite thing about Singapore?

Food! And our friends! Did we mention food?

Yeah, food comes up a lot. Fast forward to 2040. Where do you see yourself on the red dot?

We each have different paths but for sure, we endeavour to still be tight as a group of friends and as a group of musicians.

A quote that sums up your band's philosophy?

Allegro con Spirito, da capo al fine!

Which translates into...

Moderately fast with spirit, from beginning to end.

Anaki Rocks The City So shiok 2018

Catch Cesspit at Anaki Rocks the City So Shiok 2018, 24 - 25 March Dhoby Ghaut Green Amphitheatre. Anaki Rocks the City is our big up to the diverse yet undiscovered talent on our home soil – the underground, the overlooked and the cool people who don't conform to an artistic norm. More importantly, it has the ability to transcend race, nationality, gender, genre or any divisive label. Anaki Rocks the City is open to and free for all to attend. There are absolutely no tickets sold. Because together, we are are the anthem.

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