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Pep Talk

Anaki Rocks the City!




From left to right: Ariff (bass) Sandro (drums) Farhan (guitar/ vocals) Jef (guitar)

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your music.

Pep Talk started way back in 2009. After a few years break, we decided to get back together with new members, Ariff (bassist) and Jef (guitarist). We try to keep our music (both mellow and heavy) diverse as possible - with some blend of folk, blues, and alternative (such as Thrice, Manchester Orchestra, etc.) influences. Lyrics-wise - we prefer to keep it simple but yet, strike a chord.

What do you hope for the audience to imagine or feel when they listen to your songs?

We hope our listeners have a sense of gratitude, positivity, contentment after listening to us - akin to receiving a pep talk, and our songs also convey a positive message.

You've changed up it up a bit since we last met you. It's cooler. How do you build on your existing material while incorpporating new vibes?

Thank you. Most of the time, the foundation/idea of a song is written individually first. Unless an idea for a part is lacking/doesn't exist, each one of us will contribute/add-on his own part(s) respectively. Overall, our music chemistry is not too wide (as usual, still room for improvement) and it is easy for us to work with each other. Taking into consideration that we do not jam so often, we try to make every session count.

What’s your favourite thing about Singapore?

Favourite thing?!...Either chicken rice or nasi biryani. Tough question.

Nasi briyani comes up a lot... we reckon it's a post jamming thing. Fast forward to 2040. Where do you see yourself on the red dot?

Hopefully retired, healthy, wealthy and happy. Musically, probably move on to playing something more classy or perhaps becomes music producers.

Retired at 40? Wow... We wish too... Before you go, 3 words that best describe your band?

Progressive. Organic. Passionate.

Anaki Rocks The City So shiok 2018

Catch Pep Talk at Anaki Rocks the City So Shiok 2018, 24 - 25 March Dhoby Ghaut Green Amphitheatre. Anaki Rocks the City is our big up to the diverse yet undiscovered talent on our home soil – the underground, the overlooked and the cool people who don't conform to an artistic norm. More importantly, it has the ability to transcend race, nationality, gender, genre or any divisive label. Anaki Rocks the City is open to and free for all to attend. There are absolutely no tickets sold. Because together, we are are the anthem.

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