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Wynken Delirium

Anaki Rocks the City!

Hailing from across the straits, Malaysian metal band Wynken Delirium is no stranger to regional music fests such as Jakarta’s Maxxnoise Fest, Yogyakarta’s Jogja Brebeg, Bandung's Hellprint, Philippines' Elysian Fest, Taipei's Raw Noise Attack, and Malaysia’s Rock The World; and has shared the stage with international acts such as Arch Enemy (Sweden), Magrudergrind (USA), Havok (USA), Shai Hulud (USA), Burgerkill (Indonesia), Search (Malaysia), Noxa (Indonesia), Relentless (Australia), Abhorrence (Slovakia), Myproof (Japan), Carnivora (Thailand), Vampirates (Australia), Fear of The Setting Sun (Australia), Stigmata (Sri Lanka)… you get the drift. When we spoke to them, we were taken aback by how crazy nice these guys are and how much they truly love South East Asia.



Groove Metal / Sludge Metal

Shaun Harun (drums), Norismanizam Ismail (guitar), Zaihas Amrizad Hasfar (guitar), Harisfaisal Hamat (bass), Abdul Razak Jaffar and Asri Ashari (vocals)

How did you guys get together?

Love of music and respect for our traditional melodies. The band was formed to represent and share different sound in term of rock/metal music. Apart from heavily influences by the blues sound of day to day rock/metal music, the band incoorporates SEA sound sensibilities. Same groove and heaviness but with a twist. That brought us together as a band even though over the years, band members have changed, the 3 key members have remained the same to drive the sound so that it has reached Europe. We will tour Europe again in August 2018 to promote the 3rd album - Ticketless Travel Is Social Evil.

What do you hope for the audience to imagine or feel when they listen to your songs?

H: We do hope when people listen to the songs that they know the beauty of Asian infused melodies. We have great melodies and musical culture all over our region. We use that a lot in our music and we are proud that we are able to use that melodies in our songs. We want to bring the best of South East Asian musical sensibilities to the world.

Z: We aim for our audience to pick up little details in our songs while they have fun watching and listening us perform - unusual time signatures, beat breaks, rhythm patterns, South East Asian-inspired melody lines, for example. We would love to have them absorb the musical and lyrical content in both live performance setting and from our recorded materials. Music should result in a natural high.

You guys have different tastes and influences. How do you work past such differences as a band?

H: We are brothers first, family second and only last as a band. All of us have diverse and different musical tastes and we respect that. What we work on as a band is to respect the difference and find the best method/ways to incorporate everyone strength into the music. We have a rule from day one, no one writes the songs alone, we all write the songs together. The result is that everyone takes an equal part in all of our songs.

It's not easy and it needs a lot of patience. We also need to give enough space to everyone to be themselves but within certain respected boundaries. Too much space will result in too much difficulty as well. The main thing of course is how much you love doing what you do. If it's your passion to write, record and perform and you do it as best as you can because you enjoy it, you can be and remain a band as long as you wish, regardless of the financial success as success comes in many colours. To have good financial success is great but having great friends and extended family is also great.

What’s your favourite thing about Singapore?

Z: We visit and travel to Singapore so frequently that Singapore is considered part of home. We have many family members who live in Singapore. Our favorite things about Singapore would be the ease of transportation, good food, and definitely seeing our family and friends. Changi Airport is also very important to us as a touring band, we actually travel out of Changi Airport much more frequently than from our own Malaysian KLIA Airport due to Johor Bahru's close proximity to Singapore.

H: We respect the Singapore scene and Singapore as a country as most of us live across the Tebrau Strait. I believe the relationship between Johor and Singapore is great. There's a history between our two countries - we have cultures that intersect and share many similarities. We also share a similar taste in independent music and both countries have interchanged bands and musical culture since the early days, and not forgetting the film industries too. You can't separate Singapore and Johor in that sense. We are of the same blood , sweat and tears pushing the bounderies of talent. Living in Singapore or living in Johor, everything is great, for better or for worse. Its make us who we are and how we view life.

Fast forward to 2040. Where do you see yourselves?

H: We hope the music we leave behind will be a legacy for newer bands to explore and expand. On average, we will in our 60's and we hope to have good health, great music, great grand children and once in a while jam that heavy metal music both in Singapore and Malaysia to scare the younger guys (hopefully). HAHAHAHAHA.

Z: Maybe we will play in big open air metal and rock shows in Singapore and be part of consolidated record labels that promote Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, FIlipino, Indonesian, and Vietnamese bands worldwide? The possibilities are endless and exciting!


Catch Wynken Delirum at Anaki Rocks the City So Shiok 2018, 24 - 25 March Dhoby Ghaut Green Amphitheatre. Anaki Rocks the City is our big up to the diverse yet undiscovered talent on our home soil – the underground, the overlooked and the cool people who don't conform to an artistic norm. More importantly, it has the ability to transcend race, nationality, gender, genre or any divisive label. Anaki Rocks the City is open to and free for all to attend. There are absolutely no tickets sold. Because together, we are are the anthem.

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